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拼爭交通項目 暢“動脈”促發展
Striving  to Smooth Development
The Improvment Project of Yahu- Shibali Interchange Section of G330 National Highway to be Completed in June

通訊員 方俊翔

Correspondent: Fang Junxiang

A few days ago, at the construction site of the improvement project of Yahu to Shibali Interchange Section of G330 national highway, workers joined together to lift up 200 kg of curbs and pave on  side of the road. Wu Jihuan, the project manager, said: "the improvement project is expected to be completed in June this year. By that time, the road section will appear in front of the public with a new look of two-way six lane road."

G330 national highway is one of the most important national and provincial highways in Jinhua.  As an important part of the overall expansion and upgrading of G330 national highway, the improvement project of Yahu to Shibali Interchange Section of G330 National Highway starts from Yahu village and ends at Shili interchange. The length of the improved road is about 2.13 km, the two-way four lane road will be upgraded to two-way six lane road, and the whole road will be widened to 40 meters, with a total investment of 80.1 million Yuan.

"Now, the asphalt concrete pavement works of the subgrade, the sub structure of the bridge and some sections have been completed. The next step is to speed up the project progress on the premise of ensuring the quality, and complete the remaining subgrade works, beam and slab erection, asphalt pavement base and surface, traffic safety facility and landscape. "Speaking of the construction progress, manager Wu has made a good plan for each step of construction.

Since the start of construction of the project at the end of May 2020, the project department has actively cooperated with Jindong Transportation Investment Group to communicate with relevant villages and towns, departments and pipeline company, so as to work ahead of  the time, strive for progress, overcome challenges, and accelerate policy processing and pipeline relocation. With the strong support of the Group Company and nearby enterprises, the company has made great efforts to overcome the difficulties of numerous pipelines along the line, narrow construction work site and high pressure of road related construction safety guarantee. At present, the accumulated output value is 50.6 million Yuan, accounting for 63% of the contract price.

"The traffic flow of this road is very large, especially in rush hours. We hope that the road improvement project will be completed as soon as possible. "Talking about the improvement project of Yahu to Shibali interchange in Jindong District of G330 national highway, the surrounding villagers are quite looking forward to it.

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